Doing Our Part For The Environment

Doing Our Part For The Environment

Environmentally-Friendly Demolition

What does a demolition contractor have in common with an environmentalist?  Sounds like the set-up for a joke, right? However, they have more in common than you might imagine, especially if that demolition contractor is ACECO, LLC.

For starters, we all want to ensure that we cause as little environmental harm as possible in all of our operations. Wherever possible, we create a positive impact by encouraging and enabling re-use, re-purposing, and recycling.

Green From The Get-Go

When we are first awarded a project, we determine if there are any architectural or historical components that can or should be preserved or maintained.  We then follow a series of steps to determine the best course of action to demolish or strip out the structure, whether that be by hand, by BROKK Robotic Demolition Tool(s), or by large demolition excavators and/or cranes. Next, we analyze the LEED goals of the project to ensure we can meet the minimum expectations and then strive to achieve maximum expectations, or better.

Recycling on the Job

At ACECO, we carefully segregate recyclable materials throughout the demolition process. This allows for cleaner separation, resulting in less wasted material. We want to make sure that anything of historical significance or any item that may help others is put in the right hands. Diligence and order from start to finish allow us to do just that.

What Do We Recycle?

Metal wall studs, ceiling grid, mechanical ductwork, piping, wiring, heating and cooling systems, furnaces and boilers, and just about any and all metal components are segregated and sent away for recycling or, in some cases, re-use intact overseas.

Some landfills segregate and process drywall and gypsum products to create what is known as daily cover. This soil material is spread throughout the landfill to prevent dust and tighten surfaces.

Concrete, brick, CMU/masonry, and ceramics are fully segregated and sent to aggregate producers for recycling/crushing/re-use as rubble fill materials. In many cases, we use our own on-site crushing units to process these materials into sizes and types of recycled products that the owner or GC wishes to re-incorporate into that very project. These uses include sub-grade fill, compacted roadway surfaces, drainage and erosion control, or truck entrances.

Reducing Noise & Air Pollution

We control noise and dust to the extreme on all of our projects.  Our ideal project is completed in a relatively dust-free state using fine water mist, air filtration, and vacuum recovery units for dusty operations.  We often use noise suppression barriers or blankets to reduce ambient noise.  We also frequently make use of crushing and processing jaws on our large demolition excavators in place of noisy and dust-prone hoe-ram hammers.

Finally, we are constantly upgrading and updating our equipment fleet to utilize newer and cleaner running engine technology.  Almost all of our equipment is either electric/hydraulic or Tier-4 level emission classified.  This means much less air pollution, greenhouse gasses, and smelly diesel fumes.  And when we leave a site, it is most often seeded, strawed, and stabilized to prevent runoff and provide at least temporarily a green grass surface to await the next steps in the use of the property.

We Can Help With Your Project

Whether your project involves architectural demolition, interior structural demolition, complete building razing, or other undertakings, ACECO is ready to discuss your needs and carry out your project in a safe, environmentally friendly way. Contact us today to get started!

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