Exploring Benefits of Historic Restoration

Exploring Benefits of Historic Restoration

Have you ever seen a building and been in awe by its architecture? Who doesn’t love strolling around the nation’s capital and wondering about old buildings’ pasts? It’s more than fascinating. There are benefits to commercial historical restoration through well-planned and executed demolition.

What Is Commercial Historical Restoration (CHR)?

CHR is the process of restoring or rehabilitating old buildings. Existing buildings can either be restored to their former glory or they can be repurposed to support new needs. Buildings that undergo adaptive reuse are completely transformed to prolong their building life and provide a positive update in the community. Like how an old mill can become a building full of restaurant space and a historical building can be restored to its former glory which is up to date building codes.

Why Is CHR Important?

An obvious advantage to CHR is how the property value can increase, which makes for higher leasing options. The improved building becomes something more aesthetically pleasing. Because it will perk up the neighborhood, it improves the value of the properties around it. CHR is a central tenet to community revitalization efforts, which strive to get fresh businesses into the newly improved spaces, especially community or culturally oriented entities like restaurants, theaters, and museums.

How Does CHR Work?

There are lots of methods of applying CHR to a property. Specialized selective structural demolition involves carefully removing or improving sections of the building that are part of the structure, like mezzanines or concrete stairs. This is a consequential portion of ACECO Demolition, our special projects division has proven experience handling complex and intricate historical restoration demo.

Interior and exterior selective demolition involves removing, improving, or protecting non-structural parts of the building, such as glass curtain wall systems to storefronts.

Heavy mechanical, electrical or plumbing demolition involves removing complex systems or, more often than not, specific parts of them.

Why Use ACECO for Your CHR Needs?

There is a myriad of details involved in the remastering of an old building. If you have a vision of producing a commercial historical restoration project, call ACECO to help. We have the industry experience and established safety protocols to ensure a successful project. Give us a call today at 301-588-0707!

Historic Building Conversion Of The Carnegie Library building to the new Apple Store in Downtown D.C by Aceco

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