Make Safety a Priority During Your Demolition Project

Make Safety a Priority During Your Demolition Project

When most people hear about demolition projects, they immediately think of movie scenes where a tall concrete building implodes amid a ball of explosive dust. Although our expert demolition teams at ACECO certainly raze multi-story structures, we also specialize in services such as historic demolitions and renovations, hazardous material abatement, and facade removal or retention. With every project we take on, we make safety our top priority, and you should too.

Focus on Safety

Whatever demolition, renovation, or abatement requirements you may have for your commercial property, your first priority should always center on the safety of everyone involved, including employees, an engineer, inspection personnel, and demolition and cleanup crews. Nearby vehicles and pedestrians must also be kept safe.

Begin With a Plan

Safety personnel need to evaluate building areas where demolition will take place and review the project proposal with the building owner or manager. At ACECO, we put together an anticipated hazard analysis and discuss it with the work crew and property manager before demolition begins.

Choose Demolition Experts

The right demolition company not only knows the procedures needed to complete your project but also understands critical precautions for everyone’s safety. Make sure professionals you consider practice detailed safety protocols.

  • Crew training: All workers should receive appropriate instruction on equipment operation, explosives, and safety techniques.
  • Modern equipment and protective gear: The company should use well-maintained, up-to-date machinery and provide high-quality personal protective equipment, including steel-toe work boots, hard hats, gloves, and masks.
  • Ceiling and Walkway Braces: Structural reinforcements ensure safety for anyone entering the demolition area.
  • Final Sweep: The crew chief should employ a detailed process to go through every room of the building and verify no persons are present before demolition begins.
  • Safety procedures for cleanup crews and handling of hazardous debris: This includes Kevlar glove liners, eye protection, and safety shields for working with sharp objects, wire, glass, or other hazardous items.

If you are contemplating demolition, abatement, or renovation projects on your commercial property, contact the professionals at ACECO today. We are happy to answer questions and ensure the safety of your undertaking.

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