ACECO’s scope included large-scale demolition of the VA Tunnel owned by CSX Transportation, Inc. This incorporated a section of the rail line covering approximately 7,000 linear feet divided into fifteen sections, each having different requirements. Several sections required the existing North wall of the tunnel to remain intact to prepare for new construction, while others included the entire tunnel (walls, roof, and track foundations) to be demolished. This necessitated a complex system of shoring and bracing to protect existing structure and ensure safety during the demolition, and a carefully-designed demolition plan to be followed meticulously throughout the 17-month project.

This job entailed the demolition of Building J, a part of the Alexandria Renew Enterprises complex, as well as selective demolition of specific areas of adjacent buildings G/1 and G/2. Included in the scope of work was a significant asbestos abatement requirement, which was fulfilled through subcontractor Progress Environmental, LLC, a long-time working partner of ACECO. The project presented unique challenges, as Building J was to be razed down to an elevation of 17.33’ with all deck slab and structural columns left intact. There were also strict vibration limits which could not be exceeded, necessitating the use of hydraulic processors and a crushing plant mobilized to the site by ACECO. 

The UMD – Chemistry Wing 1 Replacement Project included demolition of the existing Wing 1 and construction of a new chemistry research laboratory facility including new research centers, offices, administrative, spaces, and a conference center. ACECO was contracted to demolish the existing 1950’s Chemistry Wing 1 building, slab, and foundations while meeting an aggressive project schedule as well as being constrained by tight pathways and occupied adjacent walkways and structures.