ACECO is frequently called upon to respond on very short notice to provide services in response to fires, flooding, or structural damage/collapse. This work often happens at night, over weekends, and in addition to all other ongoing activities/projects of the company. We have worked closely with almost all of the emergency responders in the DC Metro area to assist in investigations to locate and determine sources and causes of fires and structural collapses. Using specialized access equipment, shoring, bracing, rigging, and hoisting, including crane-mounted man-baskets, ACECO often deconstructs buildings or portions of buildings to allow safe access for investigators, insurance adjusters, tenants, and building occupants, as well as to remove damaged portions of the structures to allow re-building and re-use. We also provide services to temporarily secure sites and buildings, such as boarding up windows, doors, and openings, temporary site fencing, and temporary power, lighting, and pumping.