ACECO has been involved in hazardous material abatement and environmental remediation since the 1980’s. While frequently associated with projects on which we are performing other demolition services, ACECO has and continues to perform this work as stand-alone projects as well. We retain and in-house environmental division which specializes in asbestos and lead removal, remediation and treatment of mold, encapsulation, removal of heavy metals and HAZWOPER work, as well as PCB and mercury remediation. We also perform removal of solvents, oils, fluids, and other hazardous chemicals; tank cleaning/removal; recapture of refrigerants and similar gases; and contaminated soil excavation and removal. All of these activities are accomplished in close adherence to all regulations, licensing, and disposal regulations. Complete documentation and close-out information is always provided in addition to air monitoring and clearance sampling from a third-party industrial hygienist.