ACECO is adept at performing all types of interior and exterior architectural demolition, from removal of finishes and non-structural walls and partitions, to storefronts and entryways; from glass curtain wall systems to masonry, steel, or precast concrete facades. Our architectural demolition crews have performed complex historic salvage and protection work, cataloguing and crating specific features for re-use or preservation, and even careful removal of finishes atop historic paintings, murals, and frescoes. Our projects in this field range from the complete interior strip-out of high rise buildings among active tenant floor spaces to complete façade removal of occupied and fully in-service buildings in downtown Metro DC areas. We are diligent about separation of all resulting debris, with intense focus on recycling to the greatest extent possible. We typically achieve over 75% recycling (LEED) values on our selective interior and exterior architectural demolition projects.