ACECO often employs structural shoring and bracing in conjunction with our structural demolition projects. We work in conjunction with our team of engineers and shoring/bracing specialists to ensure that our work will be able to be performed safely, without negative impact to the structure or surrounding structures, and at the same time allow access for follow-on trades that may be installing permanent structural systems for support, such as steel framing, poured concrete beams and columns, or load-bearing masonry. We frequently engage in projects in which all or portions of the façade will be retained, either for historic or other purposes, and this often presents challenges in both bracing/shoring and in the demolition methods to be used. From bracing foundation or free-standing walls to shoring elevated slab structures in anticipation of new permanent steel or concrete erection; from excavation bracing and lagging for underpinning or waterproofing to heavy steel bridging shoring to allow column removal, we can meet the needs of any structural shoring and bracing project.