Although green demolition may appear to cost more up front, we’ve found that it can often earn back landfill, tax, and other credits for our clients, if executed properly. In addition, many local jurisdictions are starting to require more strict conservation practices. At ACECO, we recycle as many demolished building materials as possible.

For many years, we have worked closely with our clients to meet or exceed their LEED goals for our portion of their projects. We frequently contribute significantly to projects which are awarded LEED Gold or Platinum status.

We segregate recyclable building materials as the demolition activities are performed, allowing cleaner separation of materials, while maintaining an orderly and neat jobsite. We also work closely with historic salvage and community re-use agencies to ensure that items of possible historical significance, architecturally desirable pieces, or items that can be used to help those in need are not disposed of as waste.

Community Forklift, Second Chance Salvage, the Maryland Trust for Historic Preservation, and many other organizations have benefited from our awareness and efforts in recycling and re-use. We also frequently process and re-use (or stockpile for re-use by others) concrete, masonry, and CMU with our portable crushing equipment. This material can be used for road base material, to reduce erosion, as subgrade compactable fill, and many other uses.

From metal studs and ceiling grid, to light fixtures, piping and conduit, to corrugated steel decking and bar joists, we recycle metals from every project we complete. Carpeting, ceiling tiles and bathroom fixtures are also commonly recycled from our projects.

We also take additional steps to protect our environment by ensuring that refrigerants, oils, solvents, gases, mercury, lead, asbestos, and other potentially harmful materials are properly removed, packaged, transported, and disposed of in accordance with all local, State, and Federal regulations.

We are happy to discuss ways in which our recycling expertise can benefit your project.