At ACECO, workplace and worker safety are our highest priorities.

ACECO follows a stringent corporate safety program.  In many cases it exceeds the requirements of the contractors, owners, and agencies for which we work.  Our safety program involves training new hires, re-training existing workers, updating and revising safety standards, implementing procedures to comply with new regulations, and instilling a culture of safety at every level of the company.

As a result of our leading practices, ACECO has won numerous safety awards and repeated commendations from customers.  Our highly competitive interstate Experience Modification Rating (EMR) allows us to provide our clients one of the highest-quality insurance and boding programs in the industry.  The company’s outstanding EMR records as well as a number of safety awards reflect our continuous dedication to excellence in this essential area.

Following are examples of safe work practices and regulations followed on all ACECO projects:

  • Engineering Survey conducted prior to start of any work in which structural modifications or demolition activities shall occur
  • Anticipated Hazard Analysis report prepared, reviewed with crew, and provided to GC/Owner to demonstrate that all work to be performed has been considered for best practices with regard to safety, means and methods, and equipment to be used
  • Mandatory full-time hard hats, eye protection, work gloves, steel-toe work boots, and reflective safety vests
  • Mandatory face shield in addition to glasses when engaged in any chipping, breaking, or overhead work
  • Mandatory leather cape sleeves and Kevlar glove liners when working with glass, ductwork, wire lathe, or sharp objects/metal
  • Mandatory daily SPA (Supplemental Plan of Action) to cover all work activities to be performed that day, including activity, hazards, precautions, controls, safe work methods
  • Internally-generated burn and/or hot work permits for all activities using or producing sparks, flames, or excessive heat
  • 100% fall-prevention/protection required for all work platforms and leading edges in excess of 4’ – 0” in height