ACECO New Equipment and Technology: The Brokk 170

ACECO New Equipment and Technology: The Brokk 170

Our Latest and Greatest Demolition Machine: The Brokk 170

ACECO is pleased to announce the addition of a new model of BROKK Robotic Demolition Machines to our existing extensive fleet of these powerful and innovative tools.

The BROKK 170 Remote-Controlled Electric/Hydraulic Robotic Demolition Machine increases ACECO’s capabilities and further separates us from our competitors in many ways.

The BROKK 170 RDM  is one of four new models of next generation BROKK machines that started being released in 2018 and 2019, and which all feature the BROKK proprietary SmartConcept system, which consists of the combination of SmartPower, SmartDesign, and SmartRemote technology to improve performance and increase uptime.

The Power Behind This Demolition Machine

SmartPower is a new BROKK feature that maximizes power output to the machine depending on operating conditions.  Demolition sites can vary widely in the sources and consistency of electrical power, be that from existing site power or from generators.  Length of supply cable, disparities in supply voltage and amperage, and erratic power generation components can cause voids, surges, and brown outs which can all destroy electrically powered machines.  The SmartPower system protects the RDM from damage by compensating for the shortfall or surge to provide a consistent amount and level of power.

Smart Design = Less Maintenance

SmartDesign is incorporated to extend the BROKK 170 RDM’s service life and provide easier daily, weekly, and periodic maintenance.  More accessible grease points, hydraulic hoses and hose connection points, and fewer cables translate into more consistent and faster service.  All LED lighting provides longer-lasting illumination to reduce service and replacement of light sources.

Powerful Communication Systems

SmartRemote technology includes improvements in ergonomically designed controls, better support straps with more adjustability for long-duration comfort and placement, better cord-free radio communication systems for wireless operations, and easier-to-see read control labeling.  The added capability provided by the SmartRemote technology increases the range of wireless operation to an incredible 984 feet!

This Demolition Machine Packs Raw Power

As for added capability, the new BROKK 170 operates up to five times faster than a comparable-capacity mini-excavator, with virtually ALL of the hydraulic output transferring to the tool of the machine, versus a much smaller percentage when using a mini-ex.  More power where it counts means better production with smaller-sized equipment.

Tight Spaces? No Problem

Weighing in at only 3,525 pounds and sized to be able to fit through a standard doorway, the BROKK 170 can deliver incredible capacity in tight spaces and inside of most modern structures without a need for re-shoring or support.  The wide stance created by the BROKK 170’s four extending outriggers means a very stable and secure working base with a large footprint to spread the machine’s weight over a larger area.

Customizing Options

The new BROKK 170 can be equipped with a high-output hydraulic hammer/breaker that is capable of outproducing anything in its class.  When noise or vibration are of paramount concern, cracking and processing jaws are optional attachments that can demolish concrete slabs, beams, and columns with minimal disturbance, making this an ideal solution for work in tenant or resident-occupied structures.

The BROKK 170 RDM can also be equipped with demolition grapples, clamshell buckets, metal shears, and concrete pulverizing jaws, making it an incredibly versatile machine that we are proud to include in our lineup. 

ACECO maintains and operates the largest, newest, and most varied BROKK RDM fleet in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our machines are routinely used on a vast majority of projects ranging from such as office towers, hospitals, parking garages, and other spaces.

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